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With pay later features on some product and services, enjoy flexibility and instant access of your services.


Once you satisfied, you can pay your invoice using automatic Paypal payment or using other method.

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starter plan for starting online business
from $1/month from $10/year
  • Dedicated Wordpress Website
  • Cheap Comodo SSL
  • Business Email Hosting
  • G-Suite Collaboration Tools
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best protection
protection plan to maintaining business continuity
from $2.5/month from $30/year
  • Server Backup
  • Website Backup
  • Mobile Backup
  • Application Backup
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continuity plan to keep your business running
from $7/month from $84/year
  • Disaster Recovery Cloud Server
  • Disaster Recovery Hardware
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our pertners

Free Secure Comodo SSL For Your Website

Get free and secure Comodo ssl certificate from comodo for your site. This license valid for 90 days, with instant activation and full features, start protect your site and boost your SEO Rank.

Order Free SSL
Choose your best continuity planGrow at anytime. No minimum contract.
No hidden charge.

Why you need a
business continuity solution?

Stepping forward into the unknown/future is what companies do every day.

With our company mission is to help small and mid-size business ensure their business continuity by providing fast and robust enterprise IT solutions, your business continuity is our top priority.

The need for trust, speed, and absolutely zero downtime of mission-critical processes is growing, meaning that prevention and protection, not recovery, is now the order of the day to build successful business continuity strategy.

Accelerate your speed

Adopt cloud computing technologies to stay ahead and stay update of the competition.

Build your trust

Trust is fragile. If you lose it, it’s very difficult, if not impossible to restore it.

Have a Continuity Plan

Potential hazards like the risk of malware, ransomware, viruses, and also human error can destroy a business, and severe damage can be costly and time consuming to repair and recover.

our company facts

<60s time to create server
>20TB data protected
>50TB Total mailbox
>22302 clients protected

address Ngalup Space Sudimoro, Malang, East Java, ID.


email care@far.id


address Surya Inti Permata C17-19, Surabaya, East Java, ID.


email care@far.id


address1 Scotts RoadShaw Centre, SG, 228208.

phone -

email care@far.id

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